An Individual Approach

Every product is unique. The perfect image for a trade show wall may be different from the perfect image for your next social media campaign. Understanding these differences is vital to successfully realizing your creative vision. If you don't know exactly what you want, we will be happy to provide suggestions based on our knowledge and experience. 

When you contact us, we will schedule a phone consultation to discuss your project in detail. During that phone conversation, it may be decided that due to the scope of your project, a further in-person meeting may be desirable. We will take the time to understand your needs and provide an exact per image quote. This pricing will include all studio time, retouching, and post production.


Attention to Detail

Too many businesses have product images that are poorly lit, out of focus, and covered with distracting dust and scratches. Many also suffer from inconsistent colors across a product family and strange color casts in the highlights and shadows. Some of these issues are very simple to avoid, while others, like dust and scratches, can take a bit of time to address.

Our first step when we begin photographing a product is to consider the product's shape and material. Because we are focused on high quality, not high volume, we can take the time to design individualized lighting for each product shot. We artistically blend light, shadow and reflection to create an image that will draw in your customers. 

Our extensive knowledge of lighting, light modifiers, reflections and refraction allows us to consistently light even the most challenging materials. This includes products with metal, glossy or mirrored surfaces. 


Technical Excellence

Unless it will only be used at a very small size, every product image will need retouching to look its best. With over a decade of experience in image retouching and restoration, we have the skills to naturally edit your images without making them look "Photoshopped", even at extremely high resolutions. In addition, we are able to add a depth and beauty to your images that may not have been possible to achieve in camera.

Our individualized approach, attention to detail, and technical excellence allows us to deliver consistent, high quality results that will meet your needs and make your product stand out from the competition.